Hannah Henseling

Hannah Henseling works in investment funds and real estate. She advises fund management companies, institutional investors, asset managers and their regulated and unregulated fund vehicles on investment law and real estate law issues. Her advisory practice includes regulatory advice to fund management companies and investment funds in connection with the management and set-up of investment funds (public and special funds). She also advises institutional investors in the context of individual and portfolio transactions as well as in the ongoing asset management. During her legal clerkship, Ms. Henseling worked at a major international law firm as well as for AHK Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to joining McDermott, she worked as an attorney at a boutique law firm specializing in business law advice in Frankfurt/Main.

ELTIF 2.0 – Alternative to the Open-Ended Real Estate Mutual Fund?

Von and am Oct 16, 2023
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Introduction The European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF) is a European investment vehicle that was introduced for economic policy considerations, to provide additional financing opportunities to certain industries and companies. Although the European Commission launched the ELTIF in 2015, relatively few ELTIFs have been authorised since then. As of July 2023, only 95 ELTIFs existed according to ESMA’s public register. Most of these were issued in Luxembourg, France, Spain and Italy. This year, however, the ELTIF has been subject of much discussion, especially in Germany. Why? The ELTIF Regulation has been fundamentally revised recently. The new regulations will come into force...


New requirements for investment funds: PRIIPs key information document replaces key investor information – FAQs:

Von and am Aug 28, 2022
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As of 1 January 2023, capital management companies (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaften) have to prepare a PRIIPs key information document for an investment fund that is distributed to private and semi-professional investors. The following is a summary of five frequently asked questions and answers on this topic:   What is the purpose of the key information document? The key information document shall enable retail investors in the EU to better understand the basic features and risks of PRIIPs (Packaged Retail and Insurance-Based Investment Products). In addition, the requirements for PRIIPs key information documents should lead to a better comparability of such products across Europe....